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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


More of the sneek peak (because Rob told me it wasn't fair to pick just one to show you all) is on her blog at (post titled "rob and") It'll be really fun when I actually get to see all of them and go through them all and pick all of our favorites. So, I'll be keeping you all posted.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sneak Peek

Here is my fav picture from the sneak peek of our wedding photos that Rebekah gave. Enjoy...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finals Over...Countdown BEGINS!!!!

Yee-haw guys, only 16 more days 'til the big day and only three 'til I'm back in Utah with all the awesome Garr's either there or coming soon. Sooooo excited to see everyone and be back in the "mormon bubble." Yes, admittedly, I never loved it so much as when I am no longer in it, and would love to be back. There is something oh so charming about leaving my ipod in my car without a second thought of it being stolen, or knowing every random person at the mall and on the street. At any rate, pretty freakin' excited to get back to Utah and then have all our friends and fam come celebrate with us as we finally tie the knot!!!! Cold feet!? HECK NO....More, as everyone else, just feeling like it's about time. Anyway, finals are over, they have not yet notified me that I didn't pass, so in the clear so far, and first semester is done. Wowsa, did not think it would be as difficult as it was, but it certainly was "challenging." Good thing I had those 10 years of undergrad for training, 'cuz I would have had a really rough time without them. Anyway, Rob and I are getting super excited. He's keeping a countdown for me every morning (yes, he is the one who remembers all the important dates in this relationship) and adorably reminding me that soon he will be my husband on random passings by during the day. At any rate, done with finals and completely stoked for the wedding. That's it!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Weekend...

So, as always, lots of studying. HOWEVER, we got some snow and we got to see my parents on their way back from a meditation camp/conference thing in Canon City, CO. Well, we also went out for dinner on Saturday night with my friend Kerri (who lives in Denver) and her boyfriend, Scott, who was in town from Chicago for the weekend. We went to a place called Cuba Cuba which was real authentic jamaican and absolutely delicious. As we were getting ready to leave, it was a very wet snow coming down, more like rain, and I asked Rob if we should take my truck, as he is always watching the weather. He said, yes, there was a storm supposed to come in, but not until later that night. So, we took his awesome purple dodge neon. She gets us where we need to go, but not the best in snow to say the least...well, we make it to the restaurant, and as we are eating we look out the window and watch the wet snow turn into a full-blown blizzard. By the time we are finished (didn't even have dessert) we walked out to about 6" accumulation on the roads. Well, we make it back to Kerri's and drop them off, but then we have what is usually, in normal conditions, about a 35 minute drive home. Let's just say, the neon was useless. If we got stopped at a traffic light, we could only get going by sliding left than right. These are roads with three lanes of traffic and no lines able to be seen. FUN!!! What is with Colorado and not plowing!??! At any rate, we went, slipping and sliding, and praying and finally arrived home, an HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES later. haha. But, it was fun, and Rob and I had some great songs on the radio (the ipod died in the cold) and some great conversation and laughing about the ridiculousness of the situation. No worries, we will be buying good snow tires soon. So that perhaps he can at least begin moving in the snow. All in all, it was great food and a safe drive. Also, Rob has decided that shoveling the walks and driveway is his favorite past time with any hint of snow on the ground. So, of course, first thing this morning he geared up and went out "to take care of business." I stuck my head out at one point to see how he was doing, and the picture I took was the sight I saw. Why, you might ask, is he wearing ski goggles to shovel the walk? Not sure. Think the neighbors are not sure either. Oh, and as for the gaypride shorts, they are his new favorite. Hope you enjoy. My parents and I certainly had a good laugh and a lovely reading/studying time inside while he was out "battling the elements." So, that's the picture of my step-dad on the floor reading in front of the fire with Diesel, who is always one for company.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So really, no new updates at all. Same old, same old. Rob is working and doing all the "mr. mom" chores (minus actually having kids and being a mom). I am barely surviving. In fact, I'm taking a break from the insanity of studying for my midterm tomorrow in order to clear the mind for a moment. It's just too bad when I stop to "take my mind off of studying" and yet all I can think to write is about orlistat causing fecal urgency, PPI's (proton-pump inhibitors) being the most effective treatment for GERD and the drug names for PPI's ending in "azoles." The fact that the anorectic drugs for obesity are not to be used in people with hypertension due to their increased norepinephrine release and that Serotonergic agonists specific to 5HT 1b/1d are the best treatment for migraines. AHHHHHHHHH....that is a little bit of what goes on in my head every freakin' three seconds. Really? Did I really pay for this? All I can say is someday I better get a freakin' degree. At least, not fail out before that or completely self-medicate for insanity. Speaking of which, my internship next semester (starting in mid-January) is going to be at the psych ward. VERY EXCITING!!! and, that was meant truthfully. Psych drugs are my biggest intrigue and will probably become my passion. I fit right in with those folks, and the brain is an amazing thing. Until then, back to treating, dosing, side effects, drug-drug interactions and names of all the treatments for acute renal failure, cushing's syndrome, adrenal insufficiency, hypercortisolism, IBS, constipation, headache, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), and obesity. FUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! Oh, and on a slightly lighter note, in all my free time I have managed to paint the flower girl baskets which I think are awesome, find the two readings for the wedding, help my mom work on the prayer, and nearly finalize the seating chart. We are getting there, and the other day I think Rob said it's only 50 days or something left!!! So crazy. Well, that's life. Exciting, huh?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

SNOW DAY #2!!!

Yup, it happened again. School is closed today as well!!! I love that Colorado doesn't say just suck it up we're in the mountains (Em, I totally agree with your comment, we never had a snow day in Utah, even when it was like -20 in Logan and the canyon was closed, etc). Although, as I get more work done (still not enough it seems), I now begin thinking that at some point all the stuff we missed is not just going to go to the wayside. They are going to have to make us make it up. So, I guess I better enjoy my two free days before they start re-scheduling into a few really ridiculous days! Anyway, I have some pics of all the snow I'll post soon. Although, really it's only like 16", so it's a dump, but didn't think I'd get two snow days out of it. Once again, however, I'll take them.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yee-Haw, first real snow of the season and it's a blizzard enough to get us a snow day! Not that I really can lay around and relax, it's more of a day to catch up and maybe possibly get slightly ahead, although not convinced as of yet that that's possible. Anyway, got about 30 pages read and outlined about acute renal failure. This evening I'm hoping to begin studying the dosing of a bunch of OTC meds. So, fun fun snow day and glad to see winter looks like it's here to stay. But, hey, it's a snow day nonetheless and I ain't complaining. I WILL TAKE IT!! Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow as well, 'cuz supposedly it's not supposed to stop 'til Friday and it hasn't let up yet.